0853 Efficacy of a Novel Pacifier in the Prevention of Malocclusion
S. ZIMMER, R. LJUBICIC, M. BIZHANG, C. BARTHEL, and W.H. RAAB, Heinrich-Heine-University of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy of a novel pacifier in preventing malocclusion.

Methods: In the University Hospital of Duesseldorf/Germany, 129 new born children whose parents had decided to use pacifiers were randomly attributed to two experimental groups (D=Dentistar, n=56, Novatex, Pattensen, Germany; N=NUK, n=73, Mapa, Zeven, Germany). Parents were advised to use only the allocated pacifier. Children (n=42) who did not use a pacifier served as control (C). Exclusion criteria were preterm birth (<8th month pregnancy), congenital maxillofacial defects and systemic diseases of the infant. At an age of 10 - 26 months, the children were re-examined (operator blind) with respect to occlusion and existence of an anterior open bite. SPSS 15.0 served for statistical analysis. Results: 121 toddlers (66 female, 55 male) were included in the final analysis (D: n=43; N: n=42; C: n=36). The mean age was 15.9 (SD 3.9) months (D=17.0; N=15.3; C=15.4, ANOVA: n.s.). In group D two children (4.7%) showed an anterior open bite. The respective values were 16 (38.1%) for N and 0 for C. The incidence of open bites was significantly less in group D and C when compared to N (chi2-test, p<0.001). No significant difference was found between D and C. Normal occlusion (Angle's class I) was found in 35 (81.4%) subjects in group D, 14 (33.3%) in N, and 31 (86.1%) in C. The incidence of normal occlusion was significantly higher in group D and C when compared to N (chi2-test, p<0.001), but not significantly different between D and C.

Conclusion: In comparison to a commonly used pacifier, the novel one may prevent the occurrence of anterior open bites and may lead to a higher incidence of normal occlusion in 16 months old children.

This study was supported by Novatex GmbH, Pattensen, Germany.

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