0350 Wear of Provisional Crown and Fixed Partial Denture Materials
C.J. KLEVERLAAN, A. WERNER, A.J. DE GEE, and A.J. FEILZER, ACTA, Universiteit van Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands

Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine the 3-body wear of five resin-based provisional materials: Protemp TM Crown (3M ESPE), Luxatemp (DMG), Integrity (De Trey Dentsply), Structure Premium (VOCO), and Trim II (Bosworth). Methods: Structur Premium, Integrity and Luxatemp were mixed by their automix systems and allowed to self cure at room temperature. Trim II, a powder-liquid C&B material, was mixed in the ratio P/L = 13/7 by volume, and after the rubbery state allowed to cure at RT in a pressure pan (at 2 Bar) for five minutes. Protemp Crown was treated by special instructions from the manufacturer. Wear experiments were performed in the ACTA wear machine at various time periods after the start of curing. Results: The table shows the consecutive wear in μm/200,000 cycles at five time moments. Statistically significant differences (2-way ANOVA) were found for the materials (P<0.001) and the different time periods (P<0.001). Comparing the mean wear within day one resulted in the following ranking: Protemp TM Crown < Integrity = Structure Premium < Luxatemp < Trim II. A decrease of the mean wear was observed for most materials during the first week. Conclusion: The mean wear of Protemp TM Crown was significantly lower at all time periods than the other investigated provisional materials. The observed mean wear of Protemp TM Crown is in the order of permanent composite restorative materials, such as Tetric Ceram with a mean wear of 76 (2) um at day 1.

Wear in μm/200,000 cycles determined in the ACTA wear machine at 15N antagonist load.


Protemp Crown



Structure Premium

Trim II

1 day

84 (7)

135 (3)

129 (7)

128 (5)

237 (6)

4 days

76 (3)

116 (2)

112 (5)

105 (2)

232 (5)

1 week

68 (3)

113 (2)

110 (3)

92 (1)

204 (13)

4 weeks

67 (5)

111 (6)

111 (6)

90 (4)

198 (6)

8 weeks

67 (3)

108 (6)

103 (4)

97 (4)

158 (10)

Materials were supplied by 3M ESPE AG Seefeld, Germany.


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