805 Light Curing Abilities of Dentists and Dental Students

Friday, March 21, 2014: 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Location: 211A & 212A (Charlotte Convention Center)
Presentation Type: Oral Session
Track: Clinician Track
I.C. MACINTYRE1, R.B. PRICE1, S. SETH1, C. LEE1, and H. STRASSLER2, 1Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada, 2University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
Objectives:Delivering an inadequate amount of light to a light cured resin will result in inadequately polymerized resin.  This study compared the amount of energy delivered by dental students and by dentists using the MARC-Patient Simulator (MARC-PS, BlueLight, Halifax, Canada) and the same light-curing unit (LCU).

Methods: After receiving Institutional Review Board approval, four groups of participants were recruited for this study. The irradiance and radiant exposure (J/cm2) delivered by three groups of students (DS) and one group of dentists (DDS) to a simulated Class I restoration in the maxillary second molar in a dental mannequin was recorded using a MARC-PS.  The MARC-PS uses a laboratory grade fiberoptic spectrometer (USB 4000, Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL) to accurately measure the irradiance that a simulated restoration would receive from a Smartlite iQ2 (Dentsply, York, PA) that was used for 10 seconds by all four groups.  Group 1 (n=18) were dental students close to the end of their First Year of studies. Group 2 (n=18) were dental students at the beginning of Second Year of studies. Group 3 comprised of Fourth Year dental students (n=30) who were close to graduation. Group 4 comprised of general dentists (n=22). The participants had never used the MARC-PS training system to learn how to use a curing light. One-way ANOVA was used to determine if there was a difference in the amount of energy delivered by the groups (alpha=0.05).

Results: The groups delivered between 5.6±1.9 and 6.3±1.3 J/cm(mean±SD) of radiant exposure after 10 seconds using the Smartlite iQ2 LCU. There was no significant difference between the four groups (p= 0.264).




Std. Dev.

(1) DS 1


5.6 a


(2) DS 2


6.3 a


(3) DS 4


6.2 a


(4) Dentists


5.5 a


Conclusion: Before receiving instruction on how to improve their light curing technique using the MARC-PS system, there was no significant difference in the mean radiant exposures delivered by dental students and by dentists.

Keywords: Curing lights and Education research
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