127 Presence of Permanent Molars and Prevalence of Dental Caries

Thursday, March 20, 2014: 8 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Location: 203B (Charlotte Convention Center)
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S.J. DANIEL1, S. KUMAR2, and N.J. WILLIAMS1, 1University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN, 2UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Memphis, TN
Objective:   Determine if there was a difference in dental caries prevalence among children with the presence of a permanent molar over children of the same ages and ethnicities without a permanent molar.

Method: Data from dental records of 78 children ages 4-7 attending an urban clinic were analyzed for the study. Data was extracted for the following variables: gender, age, ethnicity, teeth present, and dental caries. 


Of the 78 children, slightly less than 63% were female and 37% were male. Forty-one percent were 7 years old, and 24.4 % were five years old. African Americans comprised 71.8%, Hispanics 23.1% and Caucasians 5.1%.  There was a significant relationship between age and ethnicity (p=0.001) with a greater proportion of Hispanics ages 4 and 5 and African Americans ages 6 and 7. Proportionate to the number of children with a specific tooth and caries in that tooth, the mandibular right first permanent molar (#30) presented with carious lesions in 12.8 %, followed by the mandibular left first molar (#19)  with 10.6% and the mandibular right second primary tooth (T) with 9.2%.  Ethnicity was significantly related to the presence of any permanent molar. A greater proportion of those with any permanent molar were African American.  While age and presence of any permanent molar was significant (p<0.001), there was no significant relationship between age and caries status.

Conclusion: This group of children showed earlier emergence of permanent molars in African-American children when compared to Hispanic children.  The presence of any permanent molar can increase the presence of dental caries.

Keywords: Assessment, Caries, Children, Epidemiology and Oral hygiene
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