0644 Prospective Study of Oral Health in Epilepsy Patients
K. KÁROLYHÁZY, P. SCHMIDT, P. HERMANN, P. FEJÉRDY, and Z. ARÁNYI, Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

Objectives:of this study was to test statistically the changes in neurological and dental condition of epilepsy patients after 5 years, as compared with the age and sex matched control group of general population.

Methods:Since epilepsy is a heterogenous grop of patients, we have set up a classification system (with four subgroups) taking into account the type of seizures with special emphasis on the involvement of the masticatory apparatus.We compared the subgroups of epilepsy patients with each other and the control subjects.Present datas were compared with the ones 5 years before.After general history, the Green-Vermillon oral hygiene index,the DMF-T score and the perioodontal status (CPITN-index)were examined.

Results: showed,that according to our classification system epilepsy patients were getting better p=0,001.OHI-S increased(p<0,0001)in patient group,it was worse in GroupIII.(4,5±1,03).PI get worse in patient(p=0,0005),get better in control(p=0,0004)group.CI get worse inpatient p<0,001 and get better in control p=0,15 group.DMF-T was higher in patient group(p=0,03;p=0,009) at first and second screening.It was increased in epilepsy and in patient group (p<0,0001)as well.Increasing of CPITN index was more pronounced(p=0,004) in epilepsy group.

Conclusion:Inspite of the improved neurological condition of epilepsy patients due to more modern antiepileptic drugs, the oral hygiene, dental and periodontal status are worse as a consequence of bad socio-economical background.Consciousness of illness, feeling of dependence of relatives can depress epilepsy patient and reducing activity. Regular dental examination of epilepsy patients would be advisable.

Seq #87 - Tobacco, Oral Diseases, Clinical Trials, Oral Hygiene
2:00 PM-3:15 PM, Thursday, July 3, 2008 Metro Toronto Convention Centre Exhibit Hall D-E

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