1263 Evaluating Ricketts' Cephalometric Analysis as Diagnostic Aid in Black Females
E.R. RICHARDSON, Center For the Study of Human Growth and Development, Nashville, TN

Ricketts' Analysis is used extensively. Many analyses have been developed predicting applied growth and development of Whites. Very few if any have been developed for use on Blacks. Objectives: To use the standards developed to assist in growth prediction and clinical diagnosis in Whites and see what adjustments have to be made to use the analysis to aid in diagnosis when treating Black females. Methods: Measurements were made on cephalograms of 40 Black females from Nashville, taken from Richardson's growth sample. The age range was from 6-16 years. The Ricketts' Analysis uses Facial Angle(PG-N/PO-OR), X-Y Axis Angle(N-BA/GN-S), Facial Contour(A/N-PG), Lower Incisor to A-PG Line(LIE/A-PG),Upper Incisor to UIE/A-PG, and Lower Incisor cant to A-PG Line(PG-A/LIA-LIE). The measurements were taken and the means and standard deviations calculated. The means were then compared with the means on Whites from Ann Arbor using a t-test. Inferences were made about similarities, differences and modifications needed to facilitate use of this analysis on Black females. Results: The Ricketts' Analysis can be modified and used for growth prediction and treatment planning in Black females. The Facial Angle and Facial Contour were not statistically different after 10-12 years of age. The four other variables differed significantly (2% level) and must be modified. Conclusions: The Ricketts' Cephalometric Analysis can be modified and used to aid in clinical diagnosis when treating Black females. The clinician must keep in mind the area of facial morphology that is unique to the Black female even though there are many similarities in the facial dimensions of the two races. There was a segment of the face that is the same in Black and White females. Further study is indicated in this important area of health care. This study was supported in part by USPH Grant # DE 02862.

Seq #178 - Orthodontic Diagnostic Aids
10:45 AM-12:00 PM, Saturday, April 5, 2008 Hilton Anatole Hotel Trinity I - Exhibit Hall

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