1119 The Effect of Root Proximity on Alveolar Bone Loss
T. KIM1, T. MIYAMOTO1, and T. DIETRICH2, 1Boston University, MA, USA, 2Boston University, VA Boston Healthcare System, MA, USA

Objective: The purpose of the present longitudinal study was to evaluate the association between root proximity and alveolar bone loss. Methods: We used data of the VA Dental Longitudinal Study, a closed cohort study with 1231 predominantly white men enrolled in 1968 and triennial follow-up exams. Periapical radiographs from baseline and the last examination of lower incisors with ≥10 years of follow-up were selected. Root distance at CEJ level and alveolar bone levels were measured on digitized radiographs. The primary outcome was the average rate of bone loss over the time of follow-up. Secondary outcomes were the risk of losing at least 0.5mm or 1.0mm of bone over ten years. Site-specific linear and generalized linear models were fit to evaluate the association between root proximity and alveolar bone loss, adjusting for covariates. Empirical standard errors and general estimating equations were used to account for the correlation between sites within subjects. Fractional polynomial regression was used to evaluate the dose-response function. Results: The final sample consisted of 473 men (mean age 46, range 28-71 years) with a mean follow-up of 23 (range 10-35) years. The mean root distance was 1.0±0.3 mm and mean bone loss over 10 years was 0.61±0.59 mm. There was a significant and non-linear association between root proximity and bone loss (p<0.005). Compared to root distances >0.8 mm, sites with root distances 0.6-0.8mm and <0.6mm were 13% (95% CI: 0%,26%; p=0.041) and 28% (11%,48%; p=0.001) more likely to loose ≥0.5mm, and 10% (-16%,40%; p=0.54) and 52% (9%,213%; p=0.013) more likely to loose ≥1.0mm of bone over ten years, respectively. Conclusions: The results of this study suggest that root distances smaller than 0.8mm are a risk factor for alveolar bone loss. Supported by: U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, NIH/NIDCR K24 DE00419.

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