0485 Clinical Evaluation of Carisolv in Caries Removal of Primary Canines
F. HAMIDINIA, Nova Southeastern University, college of dental medicine, fort lauderdale, FL, USA, and A. SOLTANI, Medical College of Georgia, school of dentistry, augusta, USA

Objectives: Pain-free dentistry for children is important for two reasons: (1) it provides the practitioner with an ideal situation for dental work. (2) It provides children with a positive attitude toward dentistry. Carisolv, a new product for chemo-mechanical caries removal, was introduced to the market in 1998 by Mediteam, Sweden. According to manufacturer Carisolv-gel chemically denaturizes infected dentin without pain. The aim of this study was to evaluate clinical efficacy of Carisolv-gel in caries removal of primary canines and compare it to conventional rotary method.

Methods: After HIPPA and IRB Approval 30 children with a pair of decayed primary canines (average age=7.4) enrolled in the study. Conventional rotary method used for one canine and Carisolv-gel for the other one (all procedures completed by the same operator). Factors including complete caries removal (using visual-tactile and caries-detector die methods performed by an independent clinician), pain, need for anesthesia, smell of Carisolv-gel, instrumentation time and the amount of used gel were evaluated.

Results: Carisolv caused less pain and discomfort (90% pain-free) than rotary method (56.7 % pain-free) but the need for anesthesia was similar in both groups (Carisolv=3.3%, Rotary=8%). Carisolv-gel completely removed caries only in 26.7% of lesions, versus 73.3% with the rotary method and also it was more time-consuming than rotary method (11.7 versus 3.36 minutes). None of the children had an aversion to the Carisolv-gel smell.

Conclusions: Carisolv-gel is less effective than rotary method, notably in achieving complete caries removal and increased working time. However, 90% pain-free caries removal is a sizable advantage for pediatric dentistry. If the efficacy of caries removal and time requirement are improved by the manufacturer, Carisolv-gel could be very beneficial to pediatric dentistry.

Seq #70 - Caries Prevalence/Removal/Prevention
2:00 PM-3:00 PM, Thursday, 9 March 2006 Dolphin Hotel Pacific Hall
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