2043 Comparison of two power toothbrushes versus manual toothbrushing
C.R. GOYAL1, N. SHARMA1, J. QAQISH1, M. CUGINI2, M.C. THOMPSON2, and P.R. WARREN2, 1Biosci Research Canada, Ltd, Mississauga, Canada, 2Oral-B Laboratories, Boston, MA, USA

Oscillating rotating powered toothbrushes have been shown to be consistently superior to manual toothbrushes in plaque removal. Objectives: This study evaluated and compared the safety and plaque removal efficacy of an oscillating rotating power tooth brush, Oral-B Vitality (D12) with two different brush heads (EB17 and EB 417) versus a manual toothbrush (ADA adult reference). Methods: Seventy-one healthy subjects participated in this randomized, examiner masked, single-use, crossover study. After 23-25 hours of no oral hygiene, subjects received an oral tissue examination and those with pre-brushing whole mouth mean plaque scores ≥0.60 measured by the Rustogi modified Navy Plaque Index were randomly assigned to treatment sequence. Subjects brushed with their assigned toothbrush for 2 minutes using a commercially available dentifrice. Oral tissues were then re-examined and post-brushing plaque scores recorded. One examiner blinded to the treatment sequence performed all clinical measurements. Differences in plaque scores within each treatment were analyzed using a paired t-test and between treatments using an analysis of variance (ANOVA) with models appropriate for the crossover design. Results: Each toothbrush was found to be safe and significantly reduced plaque levels after a single brushing, t-test (p<0.0001). No significant difference in plaque removal was found between brush heads at any area (p> 0.40). Compared to manual brushing, both brush heads removed significantly more plaque (p<0.01.). Percent reductions whole mouth were 77%, 76%, and 74% and 71%, 71%,and 68% along the margin for D12/EB17, D12/EB417 and manual toothbrushes respectively. D12/EB17 removed significantly more plaque from approximal surfaces than the manual brush, 84% vs.81% (p=0.02). No significant difference was seen at approximal surfaces between EB417 and the manual brush (p=0.06). Conclusion: The Oral-B Vitality (D12) toothbrush with EB17 and EB417 brush heads removed more plaque overall than an ordinary manual toothbrush. This study was sponsored by Oral-B Laboratories, Boston, MA.

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