1150 Non-Surgical Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis Using Photoactivated Disinfection
N. LOEBEL1, R. ANDERSEN1, D. HAMMOND1, S. LEONE2, and V. LEONE2, 1Ondine Biopharma Corporation, Redmond, WA, USA, 2Silver Lake Dental Complex, Everett, WA, USA

Objectives: The aim of the present study was to compare the safety and effectiveness of scaling and root planning (SRP) alone to that of SRP plus a single photodynamic disinfection (PDD) treatment using a photosensitizer and a diode laser for the non-surgical treatment of chronic periodontitis.

Methods: A randomized single center study was conducted to test the safety and efficacy of photoactivated disinfection in combination with SRP versus SRP alone for 3 months. Endpoints included per subject mean changes in clinical attachment level (CAL), probing depth (PD), and bleeding on probing (BOP) from baseline. Qualifying patients had Ан 6 mm pockets with BOP. There were a total of 33 patients entered into the study with 5 patients treated with photoactivated disinfection alone, 13 patients with SRP alone, and 15 patients with photoactivated disinfection plus SRP. A total of 622 sites were clinically treated. Clinical measurements were taken at baseline, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks after initial therapy.

Results: All 3 therapies resulted in significant improvements from the baseline in clinical attachment level, probing depth, and bleeding on probing. The mean probing depth reductions at 12 weeks were: PDD = .67mm; SRP = 0.74mm; and SRP + PDD = 1.11mm. The gain in CAL was PDD = 0.14mm, SRP = 0.36mm, and SRP + PDD = 0.86mm. The clinical attachment level improvement was at all time points significantly greater in the PDD plus SRP group than the SRP alone group (p<0.01). There was no difference in the incidence of adverse events among treatment groups.

Conclusions: This data indicates that the combination of SRP and PDD significantly improves the clinical parameters of periodontal disease including an improvement in clinical attachment level and a decrease in pocket depth during the 12 weeks after treatment.

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