1139 Influence of try-in paste on the color of all-ceramic veneers
X. ZHANG, Shanghai Second Medical University, School of Stomatology ,9th hospital of Shanghai, China

Objectives: to study the effect of try-in paste on the color of all-ceramic veneers for tetracycline-stained Äteeth in clinic. Methods: 50 tetracycline-stained teeth were choosed, then 50 ceramic veneers were made respectively for those teeth with Ips-empress2 system. A digital colorimeter was used to test the L*A*B* value of the veneers when they were placed upon the corresponding tooth(group1) and when they were sticked on the corresponding tooth respectively with five different types try-in paste(a1=group2,a3=group3,transparent=group4,white-opaque=group5 and b0.5=group6). The L*A*B* value then were analyzed with ONE-WAY ANOVA method and the &DeltaE=((&DeltaL*) 2+ (&DeltaA*) 2+ (&DeltaB*) 2 ) 1/2,that was calculated. Results: the average value of L*A*B* of these 6 groups were respectively 75.38,-1.38, 10.06; 75.78, -1.68, 10.52; 75.65, -1.62, 11.05; 76.85, -1.80, 11.14; 75.80, -1.53, 10.80. There are significantly differences between group1 and group2, group3, group5,group6 in L* A* and B*,and also significant difference is found in B* between group1 and group4,there is no significant difference in L* and A* between group1 and group4 .However, only &DeltaE between group1 and group5 is above 1.5 (&DeltaE=1.84), which means the color difference is visually perspective. Conclusion: the try-in paste has slight effect on the color of ceramic veneer for tetracycline-stained tooth, and the white opaque paste has much more effect than other types of try-in paste.

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