2115 Bleaching Effect to Desensitized human Enamel
M. HOSHINO1, K. NISHIMURA1, T. TOKO1, H. HISAMITSU1, H. TANAKA2, A. KANEMATSU2, and T. YAMAMOTO2, 1Showa University, Tokyo, Japan, 2SunMedical Co., Ltd, Shiga, Japan

Objective: Tooth sensitivity is the most common side-effect of tooth whitening. There are many materials and techniques for reducing sensitivity. For reducing sensitivity, we tried to use Parkell Pain-Free Desensitizer. (The original product is MS-Coat, made in Japan by SUN MEDICAL.) The purpose of this study was to examine the desensitizing effect and possibility of bleaching effect inhibition. Materials and Methods: Pain-Free is a tri-polymer chemical and bonded to the walls of tubules or microcracks. It locked out external stimuli. We tested the desensitizing effect of Pain-Free by a split test—i.e., the maxillary right anterior was control, the left anterior was experimental (for the application of Pain-Free). To determine the desensitizing effect, we used blown air and also had patients ask the examiner. Eleven volunteer patients from Showa University dental hospital participated. Discus Nite White® Excel containing 10% carbamide peroxide tray bleach was used. Additionally, we measured extracted human tooth color and observed the morphology of enamel surface by SEM before and after bleach with/without Pain-Free. Results: The average dE values of the split test were: left anterior (with application of Pain-Free), 4.3 (Standard Deviation [SD] 1.7), and right anterior (control), 4.8 (SD 2.2), after 2 wks; and left, 4.8 (1.2), and right, 5.1 (0.8), after 4 wks. Cases of sensitivity were: left, 2, and right, 3, after 2 wks; and left, 0, and right, 1, after 4 wks. Laboratory tests revealed average dE values of extracted teeth were 7.5 (SD 1.3) with Pain-Free and 10.0 (2.0) without. There was a significant difference between with and without Pain-Free. Conclusions: By SEM observation, micro-winkled thin-film-like structure, partially detached, was recognized on bleached enamel. Pain-Free was effective for desensitizing during bleach, but the bleaching effect of Nite White® Excel was slightly inhibited.

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