0754 Removal of caries dentin according to Caries Check staining
K. ITOH, M. KUSUNOKI, M. OIKAWA, and H. HISAMITSU, Showa University, Tokyo, Japan

Objectives: In 2003, we developed a new caries detecting solution that was composed of poly-propylene glycol, with a molecular weight of 300 (Caries Check, Nishika, Japan) to prevent excess cutting of the caries-affected dentin. To identify the penetration of Caries Check into the dentin, the polypropylene glycol was colored by acid red (Caries Check Red) or brilliant blue (Caries Check Blue). The efficacy of these two new caries detecting solutions and Caries Detector (Kuraray, Japan) was investigated by measuring the Micro Vickers Hardness (MVH) and DIAGNOdent value of the cavity wall. Methods: Thirty extracted human teeth with dentin caries were sectioned through the center of the caries along the tooth axis. The MVH was measured from the pulp chamber to the caries. The Caries Check was then applied to the cavity for a few seconds and the stained dentin was completely removed using a round-shaped steel bur. Staining and cutting of the dentin was repeated until the dentin was no longer stained. Dentin hardness was determined by observing the indentation adjacent to the cavity wall and the D-value was measured by DIAGNOdent (Kavo, Germany). Results: The MVH of the Caries Check groups (Red : 35.2 8.6, Blue : 32.4 7.6) was significantly lower than the Caries Detector group (48.2 5.3) (n=10, Kruskal-Wallis Test, p<0.05). The D-value of the Caries Check groups (Red : 10.1 1.8, Blue : 12.7 6.1) was significantly higher than the Caries Detector group (3.3 2.1)(n=10, Kruskal-Wallis Test, p<0.05). The microstructure of the dentin cavity wall of the Caries Check specimen was similar to that of the sclerotic dentin. Conclusion: It was possible to conclude that the Caries Check staining was a consistent clinical guide to avoiding excess cutting of the caries-affected dentin.

Seq #67 - Dentin/Caries Removal/Root Caries
11:00 AM-12:00 PM, Thursday, 29 June 2006 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Exhibit Hall 1

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