0114 Apical Microleakage of Five Different Root Canal Sealers
T.F. EYUBOGLU, E. ERKAN, F. SEVGICAN, and N. ERDILEK, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey

Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the apical microleakage of root canal treated human teeth with five different root canal sealers by means of fluid filtration test after thermo cycling. Methods: Totally fifty extracted single rooted human teeth were used in this study. Teeth were decoronated and drilled to have an equal root length of 12 mm. The teeth were divided into five different groups randomly. The instrumentation was carried out with Hero 642 rotary instruments to get an equal enlargement in each canal following the manufacturer instructions. Last instrumentation was made by .06 taper #30 Hero 642. 2.5 % NaOCl was used during instrumentation. Last irrigation was made with 2.5 % NaOCl, 5% EDTA, saline solution, 2.5ml for each respectively. Then guta-percha cones with .06 taper and # 30 was used to obstruct root canals. Five different root canal sealers; Diaket (resin-based), AH Plus (resin-based), GutaFlow (silicon based), Roekoseal (silicon based), Pulp Canal Sealer (eugenol-based) were used in each group. Then the teeth were thermo cycled for 2500 cycles. The fluid filtration test was carried out for each teeth in an apical-coronal way. The results were statistically analyzed using Brown-Welch and one way ANOVA. Results: The sealer with the least microleakage results was Diaket. Diaket was followed by AH Plus, GutaFlow, Roekoseal and Pulp Canal Sealer respectively. The difference between Diaket and all other sealers were statistically significant. Both the differences between AH Plus-GutaFlow, and Roekoseal-Pulp Canal Sealer were statistically insignificant. Conclusions: Diaket is the best root canal sealer to achieve an ideal root canal obturation according to results of this study. AH Plus-GutaFlow and Roekoseal-Root Canal Sealer are equally effective in root canals and can be equivalent of each other.

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