1586 Mandibular 1st Molar Occlusal Anatomy and Pulp Chamber Access
R. BINGHAM, S. CHOGLE, M. SELF, A. MICKEL, and M. MINDIOLA, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA

Objectives: Endodontic therapy relies on the external anatomy of the tooth to serve as a guide in determining the location and size of the pulp chamber. Past studies have shown that molar access openings are generally centered occlusally. The purpose of this study was to determine and measure the correlation between pulpal wall thickness at the CEJ, greatest diameter (GD), pulp chamber floor and occlusal surface anatomy. Methods: A total of 46 extracted, virgin, permanent, mandibular first molars were used. The dimensions of each tooth were measured. Amalgam pits were placed in the cusp tips of each tooth to serve as radiographic reference points. The teeth were sectioned at the furcation and mounted, measured and placed in an orientation jig. The teeth were sectioned horizontally at the CEJ, and dimensions of the pulp chamber were measured. Digital photographs and radiographs of the teeth were taken in the jig before and after decoronation. The radiographs were superimposed on the digital photographs and correlations of pulp chamber and occlusal surface anatomy were found. Results: From this study it was found that the pulp chamber is located more lingually at the CEJ than previous studies have shown. However in relation to GD of the tooth, the pulp chamber was centrally located, occupying one half in a mesiodistal direction and one third in a buccolingual direction. The CEJ was found to be eighty percent of the GD of the tooth. In relation to the occlusal table, the pulp chamber was found to be fifty percent of the size. Conclusions: There are consistent anatomical landmarks that can be used to better locate and perform endodontic access on mandibular first molars.

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2:00 PM-4:00 PM, Friday, 11 March 2005 Baltimore Convention Center Exhibit Hall E-F

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