1478 Preliminary Evaluation of the Effect of Crown on Gingival Color
D. NATHANSON1, S. NAGAI2, S. PO3, H. YAMAMOTO4, and H. WEBER3, 1Boston University, School of Dental Medicine, MA, USA, 2Harvard University, School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA, USA, 3Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA, 4Boston University, MA, USA


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of various crown systems on the color of the buccal marginal gingivae around the crown by means of a spectrophotometer in comparison with adjacent gingivae. Methods: Five volunteer patients in need of a maxillary anterior single crown with intact adjacent natural incisors were included in this study. Uniform chamfer-type tooth preparations were performed for all teeth. Four different crowns, 1.PFM (cast), 2.Captek, 3.IPS Empress and 4.Porocera were fabricated for each prepared tooth by one dental technician. All porcelain-metal crowns were designed to have a metal-porcelain junction margin. Gingival color was measured at ten 1.0 mm2 spots using a spectrophotometer (Olympus MSC-2000) and color coordinates L*, a*, b* and C* were obtained. The color difference dE, dL*, da*, db* and dC* with the gingivae of the adjacent natural tooth were calculated and are shown bellow. ANOVA and Fishers PLSD test were used for data analysis.

Crown Type






























Results: PFM crowns produced the lowest gingival L*, a*, b* and C* values. Captek crown created the highest L*, b* and C* values and Empress crowns, the highest a* values. Captek crowns produced the lowest dE, dL*, db* and dC* values vs. adjacent gingivae. There was a significant difference between PFM and Captek for dE (p<0.05) and db* (p<0.05). The mean C* values of PFM was significantly lower than Captek (p<0.01), Empress (p<0.05) and Porocera (p<0.05). Conclusions: Different crown systems had significantly different effects on the surrounding marginal gingiva. In this preliminary experiment the gingivae around Captek crowns had the closest appearance to the gingivae of the adjacent natural teeth.

Seq #159 - Assessment of Color and Esthetics
12:30 PM-2:30 PM, Thursday, 11 March 2004 Hawaii Convention Center 321-B

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