1198 Sleep Condition and Bruxism in Bruxist
Y. KOBAYASHI, M. YOKOYAMA, H. SHIGA, and N. NAMBA, Nippon Dental University, Tokyo, Japan

Objectives: The purpose of this experiment was to clarify the sleep condition of bruxist. Methods: Ten healthy subjects and 10 bruxists, all males in their twenties, were selected. After excluding the laboratory effect, the EEG, EOG, ECG, masseter muscle EMG, mental muscle EMG and respirogram were recorded simultaneously throughout night using a wireless telemeter system. First the percentage of each sleep stage, the frequency of transition between sleep stages and the frequency of bruxism were compared between the healthy group and the bruxist group using student's t-test. Next for the bruxist group the relationship between the percentage of each sleep stage and the frequency of bruxism was investigated. Bruxism was defined as those burst groups associated with muscular activities that lasted more than 5 seconds or had more than two bursts within 5 seconds excluding those associated with body movement, swallowing and talking. Results: Bruxist group had a higher percentage of sleep stage 1 than healthy group (bruxist: 15.8±5.4%, healthy: 7.8±3.4%, p<0.01, s.). On the other hand, bruxist group had lower percentage of stage 3, 4, and REM (stage 3, 4: n.s., stage REM: p<0.01, s.). For the bruxist group there was no correlation between the percentage of sleep stage and the frequency of bruxism for the stage 2, 3, and 4, but a positive correlation for the stage 1 and a negative correlation for the stage REM. Conclusions: From these results it was suggested that bruxists had unstable and shallower sleep condition than healthy subject and had sleep disorders, and that the sleep disorder was associated with bruxism.

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