2008 Effect of Ozone on Surface Hardness of Restorative Materials
D. CAMPBELL1, D.L. HUSSEY2, L. CUNNINGHAM2, and E. LYNCH2, 1 Royal Group of Hospitals, Belfast, United Kingdom, 2 Queen's University, Belfast, United Kingdom

Objective: There has been much recent interest in the use of ozone as an interceptive treatment in dentistry. The residual effect of such treatment on the surface hardness of restorative materials has not been reported. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of ozone treatment on the surface hardness of a range of commonly used restorative materials. Method: Six prefabricated hardness testing disks containing 3 wells were each filled with commonly used restorative materials: hybrid composite (Spectrum), glass ionomer (Chemflex), compomer (Dyract AP), amalgam (Disperalloy), flowable composite (Revolution) and resin modified glass ionomer (Fuji II LC). The materials were packed against a glass slab to produce a flat surface. 24 hours later the specimens (18 of each) were subjected to Micro Vickers Hardness Testing (Mitutoyo) using a load of 1Kg for 10 seconds. Ozone was then applied for 10 seconds (Healozone, Curozone, USA and Kavo, Germany) and the surface hardness test was repeated. Results: The Vickers numbers obtained for the samples was as follows:


Mean surface hardness ± s.d.

Mean surface hardness

after Ozone treatment ± s.d.

Hybrid Composite

46.82 ± 2.82

46.33 ± 3.07

Glass Ionomer

38.40 ± 10.85

37.02 ± 4.75


27.32 ± 2.77

27.64 ± 2.93


127.13 ± 15.65

124.30 ± 14.02

Flowable composite

14.59 ± 2.11

12.61 ± 1.41

Resin Modified GI

32.74 ± 3.18

30.06 ± 2.14

Statistical analysis using a 2-way ANOVA did not reveal any difference in surface hardness following the treatment with Ozone (p >0.15)

Conclusion: It is concluded that the application of Ozone for 10 seconds has no detrimental effect on the surface hardness of the materials tested and should therefore not affect the clinical performance of such materials in-vivo.

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