2753 Efficacy of Ozone to Reverse Occlusal Caries
R. MORRISON, Harbour Dental Practice, Donaghadee, United Kingdom, and E. LYNCH, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Ozone has been shown to clinically reverse primary root carious lesions and early occlusal pit and fissure caries. Objectives: This study assessed the effect of a novel ozone delivery system1 on primary pit and fissure carious lesions over a 13-week period in a general dental practice. Methods: subjects were randomly allocated to one of 2 groups. 145 patients were entered with 240 test carious lesions whilst another 60 subjects were entered with 60 control lesions, which did not receive any treatment. Each carious lesion had been deemed to require conventional drilling and filling. Ozone was applied to each test lesion for 40 seconds. After 13 weeks, patients were recalled and the lesions were clinically re-assessed for severity. Results: 89 test subjects with 141 test lesions have to date attended the recall visit. There were no observed adverse events. 123 of the ozone treated primary pit and fissure carious lesions had clinically reversed based on the clinical measurement of lesion severity whilst the other 18 lesions remained stable and none became worse (P<0.05). The control lesions did not significantly change clinically. Conclusions: This treatment regime using ozone may be considered to be an effective alternative to conventional "drilling and filling" for primary occlusal fissure carious lesions in general dental practice. 1HealOzone unit, CurOzone USA and KaVo Germany.

Seq #277 - Miscellaneous Caries Clinical Studies
11:00 AM-12:15 PM, Saturday, 28 June 2003 Svenska Massan Exhibition Hall B

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