0402 Classification of Dental Abnormalities from an Etiological Point of View
I. KJR, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen N, Denmark

Deviations or abnormalities in the dentition are often carefully described in the dental files. Only very seldom the aetiology behind abnormalities such as: agenesis, eruption disturbances, tooth malformations and abnormal resorptions are considered. Often etiological aspects are only evaluated when abnormal development is a result of trauma.

Objectives: The purpose of this study is to classify dental abnormalities from an etiological point of view based on embryological knowledge of the tissue interaction occurring prenatally in relation to tooth formation.

Material and Methods: Radiographs (orthopanthomograms or dental films) from 852 patients referred to the Department of Orthodontic since 1991 for consultation. The dental malformations were agenesis, eruption disturbances, tooth malformations and abnormal resorptions.

Results: A dental registration form has been constructed. In this form the main dental abnormality is listed together with associated abnormalities. Focus is given to the region of malformations (local/general), to the jaws (maxilla/mandible) and to the single teeth affected (is the deviation limited to a neural crest field or not?). It can be considered from this form if the deviation has an ectodermal, an ectomesenchymal or a neural origin. It is also possible to distinguish between a congenital and an acquired deviation.

Conclusions: It is suggested that this form or a similar form is used in a routine manner for making evaluation of the etiology behind dental abnormalities possible. The aim is to prevent eruption disturbances and abnormal root resorptions on permanent teeth.

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