0983 6-month Clinical Indices Changes after Ozone Treatment of Pit and Fissure Caries (PFC)
L. ABU-NABA'A, H. AL SHORMAN, and E. LYNCH, Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom

Ozone treatment of PFC is investigated in a controlled clinical trial. Objectives: to quantify changes in clinical indices after Ozone treatment. Methods: 34 non-cavitated PFC lesions (8 patients) were enrolled. After cleaning (Prophyflex 2®; KaVo, Germany), the following were recorded: clinical classification (Ekstrand, 1998), the DIAGNOdent® (D) (KaVo, Germany) readings, Hardness index (hard, leathery, soft), Colour index (normal, yellow, light brown, grey, dark brown, black), Frosted enamel (mm), Stained enamel (mm), Perceived treatment need index (requiring no intervention, requiring a pharmaceutical approach but not drilling and filling (D&F) and not preventive resin restoration (PRR), possibly requiring D&F or PRR, and definitely requiring D&F), visual index (Sound, arrested, active). 17 lesions were treated with Ozone (HealOzone unit; CurOzone & KaVo, USA & Germany) for 40 seconds and the other 17 were reserved as controls. After 1, 3 & 6-months (m), the procedure was repeated. The change in the clinical indices values was tested from baseline by t-test, and between groups by univariate analysis of the mean change over the 6m. Results: The lesions in the treatment group showed a significant reduction in hardness, frosted enamel and perceived treatment need indices at 1,3 and 6m and visual index at 6m (p<0.05). The trend of the lesions getting darker increased until the 6m recall (p=0.074). There was no significant change in the Stained enamel length or Ekstrand clinical index (p>0.05). No significant changes were recorded for the control group for the hardness index at any recall visit. Conclusion: Treating PFC lesions with Ozone significantly produced clinical changes that can be detected in a regular dental setting and consistent at recall visits.

Seq #109 - Clinical and Restorative Studies
3:45 PM-5:00 PM, Thursday, 26 June 2003 Svenska Massan Exhibition Hall B

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