2733 Clinical reversal of root caries using ozone
A. BAYSAN, Restorative Dent and Gerodontology, Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland and Bart's and the London QMSMD, London, United Kingdom, and E. LYNCH, Restorative Dent and Gerodontology, Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

- Objectives: This study assessed the safety and efficacy of a novel ozone delivery system1 with or without a root sealant2 on primary root carious lesions (PRCL).

- Methods: Following Ethics approval, 80 patients with 214 PRCL were recruited. Group 1 only had ozone treatment, group 2 had neither ozone nor a root sealant application, whilst group 3 had ozone and sealant and group 4 only had sealant. At baseline and after 1 and 3 months, PRCL were clinically assessed. The Electrical Caries Monitor3 (ECM) and DIAGNOdent4 were employed to objectively quantify PRCL and sealants. Modified USPHS criteria were performed to assess clinical performance of the sealants.

- Results: After 3 months, 78 patients completed. There were no observed adverse events. 30.9% of PRCL reversed from severity index 2 to 0 (i.e., hard) in the ozone group, whilst none of the lesions reversed in the control group (p < 0.001) and 34% of lesions reversed from severity index 2 to 1 in the ozone group compared to only 7.5% in the control group (p < 0.001). Modified USPHS criteria revealed 61.5% of intact sealants in the ozone and sealant group, whilst 38.5% of intact sealants in the sealant only group (p < 0.05). The ECM and DIAGNOdent readings showed improvements in the ozone group compared to the control group (p < 0.001). The ozone and sealant group also had greater improvements in the ECM and DIAGNOdent values compared to the sealant only group (p < 0.05).

- Conclusions: This treatment regime using ozone alone may be considered to be an effective alternative to conventional "drilling and filling". The sealant showed reduced retention at 3 months but was retained better on ozone treated PRCL. 1HealOzone unit, CurOzone USA, 2Seal and Protect, Dentsply, Germany, 3LODE Diagnostics, Netherlands, 4Kavo, Germany

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