3506 Factors Associated To The Development Of The Anterior Open Bite In Children
S.A.S. MOIMAZ, São Paulo State University, Araçatuba, Brazil

The non-nutritious suction habits are one of the etiologic factors for the development of malocclusion. Objective: With the objective of verifying the relationship between those habits and the anterior open bite, 158 children were examined, being 45,6% of male and 54,4% of female, between 1 and 5 years in the Bilac City, state of São Paulo - Brazil. Methods: The exams were accomplished in the day of national vaccination and accomplished by a single examiner, previously setup with index great Kappa (K=0,9). The information regarding the presence of non-nutritious suction habits were obtained through interviews with the responsible for the children that authorized their children's participation in the study. The data were analyzed using Epiinfo 6.04 and considered significant when p < 0,05. Results: It was observed that 56,9% of the children presented some type of suction habit, being 94,4% pacifier, 5,6% finger. In relation to the anterior open bite the prevalence of 41,13% was verified. The association was observed between the presence of non-nutritious suction habits and anterior open bite (p < 0,0001; Odds Ratio=33,6). Conclusions: This is way the need of preventive educational actions exists in what says respect to the habits of non-nutritious suction and anterior open bite in this population.

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