3039 Internal derangement in horizontal and sagittal abnormal condylar angulation patients
M. PREGARZ, Pederzoli hospital, Brescia, Italy, U. CONSOLO, Dental school University of Modena, Italy, P.L. FOGLIO-BONDA, dental clinic University of eastern piedmont, Novara, Italy, and C. BODIN, dental school University of Brescia, Italy

In previous studies, the relationship between internal derangement and abnormal condylar angulation has been showed. Objectives:The aim of this study was to evaluate disc displacement (DD) in abnormal horizontal angulation (HA) of the condyle versus abnormal sagittal angulation (SA). We reviewed MRI of 44 Temporo-Mandibular Disorder (TMD) patients (10.6 yrs-71.1 yrs, mean age 34.7 yrs, sex ratio: M/F: 1/4) with abnormal condylar angulation. Methods:Abnormal condylar long axis angulation, was demonstrated in the axial plane, and compared to the coronal plane: we considered as normal a 10- 20 angulation, as horizontal an under 10 angulation and as sagittal an over 35 angulation. Disc displacement without reduction (DDWR) and with reduction (DDR) were taken from sagittal and coronal MRI slices. Results:HA, found in 39 TMJ (19 bilateral and 1 unilateral abnormalities) out of 20 pts (10.6 yrs-51.7 yrs, mean age:29.6 yrs) was associated with DD in 34/39 TMJ (87.17%) [29 DDWR (74.35%), 5 DDR (12.82%)] and non-associated with DD in 5/39 TMJ (12.83%). SA, observed in 44 TMJ (20 bilateral and 4 unilateral abnormalities) out of 24 pts (37.3 yrs-71.1 yrs, mean age: 38.8 yrs) was associated with DD in 42/44 TMJ (95.45%) [15 DDWR (35.71%) and 27 DDR ( 64.28%)] and non associated in 2/44 TMJ (4.55%). The results showed a significant prevalence of DDWR associated with horizontal condylar angulation (p<0.001); a significant prevalence of DDR associated with sagittal condylar angulation (p<0.001) and demonstrated that the HA symptoms (mean age: 29.6yrs) breaks out before SA symptoms (mean age:38.8yrs). Conclusions:This finding suggests that more attention is needed for an early diagnosis and therefore treatments.

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