3044 The perforation characteristics of TMJ disc in elder people
J.J. HE1, M.Q. WANG1, T. SHIBATA2, and Y. ZHANG1, 1Stomatological College, Fourth Military Medical University, Xi'an, China, 2Yamagata University, Japan

TMJ disc perforation is believed to occur primarily at the bilaminar region in TMD patients. Objectives: to invest whether the aged person who had their TMJ disc perforation meet this estimation. Materials and Methods: 226 TMJ from 113 cadavers (63 male and 50 female) were included. Tri-divisions both anterior-posteriorly and lateral-medially were conducted and all the 9 divisions were used in recording the perforation position according to blinding principle and x2 test and t student test were conducted statistically. Results: 1. The average age were 74.50 +/- 13.19 for male, differed significantly from 81.96 +/- 10.77 of female ( p<0.01). 2. 40 joints was found with perforated discs, 12 in male aged 75.33 +/- 15.36, differed significantly from that of 28 females with average age of 88.14 +/- 9.07 (p<0.01). 3. The perforations covered one or two ninths was more often observed and the perforation spot distributed variously. No gender difference was found. 4.The rasio that deal with anterior and posterior band, intermediate zone and bilaminar region was 9/57, 5/57, 22/57 and 21/57 respectively and deal with lateral, middle and medial third was 26/57, 29/57, 2/57 accordingly. The perforations situated limited at posterior band (5/57) and anterior band (9/57) were less, as well as that at the medial third (2/57). The intermediate zone (7 in male and 15 in female) and bilaminar region (5 in male and 16 in female) anterior-posteriorly, and the middle third (11 in male and 18 in female) and lateral third (8 in male and 18 in female) lateral-medially perforated dominantly. Conclusion: The aged persons showed TMJ disc perforation mainly in lateral and middle third and intermediate zone and bilaminar region of the disc.

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